Time West 50

Get ready for the launch of the new Up-Coming Band „Time West 50“, which combines burning Guitar Riffs from Thom,  Bass lines from Hemo,  Keys from Chris, Classic Rock Vocals from Joe….and Benny’s Smashing Beats…..
Innovation in Rock………
A Journey in Time…..waiting to happen

Stay Tuned

Time West 50

Best of Music with no time limits

Time WEST 50

Music lies in the Hearts and Minds of almost everyone and can be a emotional path to the listeners. Timeless takes you on a Journey thru Time, with songs and a atmosphere which will touch the memories of each and ever person who listens. The Journey starts with Classic Songs from the years of the 70-80-90 and continues until the modern sounds of today's latest Artist and Top Hits.

about us

A combination of young and old the Band Timeless was founded in April of 2018.......The Heart of the Music is based on Classic Rock with Songs that have no Time limit and are and will remain in the Minds and Hearts of the Listerers

Bass Guitar
Guitar / Vocals
Vocals / Guitar
KEYS / Vocals

Timeless Music